berry banana <3

ITS 0k n0t t0 be 0k C;

Mar 08. 0 Notes.

the real things in life are sometimes far from what we see.

Sep 22. 1 Notes.

you just have to think to realize many things.

Sep 22. 1 Notes.

"DESTINY is the bridge you build to the one you love."

- My Sassy girl

the bridge is under construction^^

Sep 08. 1 Notes.

♥special someone to someone special♥

Sep 07. 4 Notes.

LET’S HELP! For the sake of kagandahan.


The College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts, and Computing Sciences is having the Mr. and Ms CEAFACS 2011. This Candidate is my friend and needs a lot of help. Try to look at her ‘coz she’s worthy of your minute.

Like this page: ARIDFASS/visual arts 

then like her photo: SARAH RUNIO

*Reblogging would really mean a lot. :D

kung naniniwala ka sa kagandahan.. suportahan po naten siya :))

Sep 06. 6 Notes.

ang hirap pakitunguhan ng mga taong nagkukunwari lang. sa totoo lang.

Sep 06. 0 Notes.

you know you’re too judge mental.. why not try to look at yourself first?

Aug 31. 1 Notes.

ang mali kahit ilang beses mong ulitin di magiging tama yan. ang mali ay mali.

Aug 29. 2 Notes.
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